NewLeaf Partners answer the crucial questions associated with mergers and acquisitions

The Challenge

Mergers and acquisitions are often driven by a carefully calculated business case. However, most of them do not fulfill upon the expectations of those who initiated them.

While many company assets and risks can be calculated and forecasted with a certain amount of precision, others can’t – and they are usually the ones that create the deviation in outcome. Production and back office are generally areas where the effects of mergers and acquisitions can be gauged comparatively well. The impact of a merger or acquisition on customer-facing organizations such as Sales, Marketing and – to a certain extent – Service is much harder to anticipate. At the same time, a lot of damage can be caused here within a very short time. It is hard and time consuming to build a good relationship with customers and partners; it is easy to spoil it.

Another aspect causes issues in mergers and acquisitions: M&A teams often have difficulties understanding how a company’s ability to sell should be valued. If the ability to sell drives future success in the market, shouldn’t it be taken into consideration when a company is valued for a merger or acquisition?


Successful M&A teams understand and integrate the sales DNA of all parties involved

NewLeaf has been working with clients worldwide to:


  • Gauge the monetary value of their company’s customer-facing organizations
  • Identify the opportunities and risks in individual parties’ Sales DNA before an M&A transaction
  • Develop a strategy for merging/integrating customer-facing organizations
  • Successfully complete a merger or acquisition of customer-facing organizations
  • Train, coach and ramp up newly merged or integrated sales, marketing and service organizations
  • Evaluate and prioritize the necessary investments in your new organization’s go-to-market approach
  • Avoid pricing conflicts after a merger or acquisition