NewLeaf Partners will help you to build and develop successful customer-facing organizations across multiple channels

The Challenge

Requirements for organizations have changed as customers are getting increasingly knowledgeable and self-reliant. Hardly any corporate buyer nowadays needs a salesperson to inform them about product features and their specific benefits. New channels are popping up at a breathtaking rate.

Customers have more product and price choices at their disposition than ever before. They expect the same level of support and competence from everybody they speak to – be it a salesperson, a marketing executive or a service representative. As a consequence, the roles and scope of traditional sales, marketing and service organizations are changing. Salespeople’s traditional domains are shifting to the Internet or to Marketing. And the boundaries between sales, marketing and service are blurring


Companies need to invest in the quality of their customer facing organizations

NewLeaf’s experts have designed and implemented successful customer-facing organizations for leading companies such as:

  • Alcatel
  • SAP
  • and IBM

Our teams at NewLeaf are exclusively made up of seasoned individuals who have gathered multiple years of first-hand experience in building and developing customer-facing organizations worldwide. As managers-in-charge, trainers and project leaders they have worked with numerous companies to create sustainable marketing, field sales, inside sales and other customer-facing organizations. We have the right attributes, expertise, and fundamental hands-on experience to help you create positive impact and unique differentiation that gets your organization recognized.