Turn Knowledge into Action


Because Sales Leaders are in the key position to increase the performance of sales teams, coaching is an integral part of our Sales Performance System. When delivered appropriately coaching can achieve a 5.7 times return on investment.

Our methodology combines structured coaching session using the Mannaz’s Sales Leader Lab “in-the-action coaching,” in which leaders use their normal activities and interactions with their team members as opportunities to coach.

Jointly with Mannaz we create a coach-client relationship based on trust and mutual respect and strongly aligned to business imperatives and measurable success. During the preparation phase we engage sales leaders and managers to elicit direction and support. In the intervention phase, leaders and managers participate in a coaching program customized to their coaching priorities and  linked to the needs of the sales teams. In the follow up phase, Managers use coaching to embed the sales process and skills into everyday practice of their sales teams to increase performance and achieve results.